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What Are Solar Panels And How They Work?

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Solar Panels are one of the most advanced energy converters that convert energy of sunlight into electrical energy.
If you truly wish your own source of energy, there are only limited choices: Solar panels, passive heating, hot water panels, wind generators, windmills and hydro electric generators. A good rule is that you neglect the use of space heating, cooking, and water heating. Most houses may be operated from solar, wind or hydro systems.
A good rule is that once you eliminate the use of electricity for cooking (electric stoves), space heating and water heating, most any house can be operated successfully from the solar, wind, or hydro system.
Solar panels are used to generate free power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, no maintenance and zero emissions. The solar panel, the first element of a solar power system, is a set of individual silicon cells that generate electricity from the sunlight. The photons, also known as light particles, produce an electrical current when they strike the surface of the thin silicon wafers. A single solar cell can produce only about 0.5 Volts. However, a typical 12V solar panel of about 25x25 inches will contain thirty six cells wired in series to produce about 17V peak output. If it can be configured for 24V output, there will be seventy two cells, so the two 12V groups of thirty six each can be wired in series, usually with a jumper, causing panels to output 24V. On under load condition i.e. charging batteries for example, this voltage may drops to 12V to 14V resulting in 75W to 100W for a panel of this size.
Multiple solar panels can also be wired in parallel to increase power and wired in series to increase voltage output for 24V, 48V, or higher systems. The benefit of searching a solar panel for sale with higher voltage output is that smaller wire sizes may be to transfer the power from solar panel array to batteries and charge controller.
Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient and expensive solar panels manufactured by solar panels manufacturers. Very pure silicon are used in them, also they involve a complicated crystal growth process. Silicon rods are produced which are then cut into slices of 0.2 – 0.4 mm thick wafers or discs which are processed into individual cells that are wired together in solar panels.

Solar panels for sale may offer great investment that not only save your money and increase the value of your property, but may also help the environment while it’s helping your wallet and bank account.
You may be wondering that solar panels by solar panels suppliers are very expensive. You may also contact solar panels manufacturers directly. Some solar panels suppliers offers solar panels for sales from different solar panel manufacturers, you may contact them either.
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