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A Day Of Solar Power

01 July 2013 Views: 2974 Likes: 0
In previous years, solar track record has proved to be less sunny but then the expectations of investors and innovators. High profile companies such as solendra, q-cells, abound solar and evergreen solar were bankrupt since 2011. Sunlight facilities by traveling up to 93 million miles then they strikes a solar panel.

There is a disadvantage of solar power which is that solar panels have very less efficiency. Hence to product certain mega watts initial cost is high as compare to cost for producing the same amount of electricity from fossil fuels.

To common the use of solar energy, governments should make such policies that will relax the end user in terms of billing. Government should subsidize on solar power generation. The global economy ois based on selfish strategy hence paying more for a clean environment is not as similar to paying more for good health.

Similarly, if we compare with world economic policies then it can be negative effect for any country in terms of business if they decide to invest more on solar power. Rivals will push them out of the business. Clean energy projects are not economically beneficial for any country hence nations are avoiding to do so for better economy.

Clean energy sources include wind, water, fusion, and wind. World is working on alternative energy sources in order to form a dirt free environment. Although, this time it has been estimated that cost is very high in solar sector. But continuously engineers are working on projects to increase efficiency and reduce cost. hence world can expect a clean environment in future.

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