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Japan Investing In Solar Energy Products

20 June 2013 Views: 3053 Likes: 0
Japan is investing in solar energy as they think that this is the future’s major source of energy. Japanese government is subsidizing interests in renewable energies.

But the resulting increased bills are a complication for recovery plan. In Japan, there has started a great competition for installation of solar projects country wide. This competition of solar projects installation has increased recently by government policy. This policy of renewable energies guarantees the income in this sector. After this solar revolution in Japan, experts are estimating that Japan has become the world’s 2nd leading solar power consumer. It is expected that Japan will install solar projects having capacity of about 5 to 7 advanced nuclear reactors. Japan is more emphasizing on solar projects as compare to their nuclear projects. After the incident of Fukushima, 50 reactors were closed. Solar technology is quite expensive than the traditional fuel sources. Hence solar technology implementation will raise bills. The head of an NGO Ecu plan Fukai says that people were supporting clean energy projects, but after Fukushima accident, public interest is now increased in natural energy. Japan was expected to reach target of twice of 7.4 GW till the end of year 2012.one Giga watt can supply power to 250,000 homes.

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